Cut the Carbs…Keep It Natural, Weight-Loss the Ideal You™ Way

Wednesday,June 4, 2014 @ 17:07

Malvern, PA (PRWEB) March 26, 2004 –

– These days, every body’s looking for natural weight-loss products that make real good nutrition sense. That why so many women are reaching for their Ideal You™. It’s all possible because no-calorie Ideal You™ products provide a great source of calcium and fiber – nature’s ideal weight-loss combination, as nutritional science has only recently come to realize – along with the regular daily intake of water that’s always been known to help control weight.

Ideal You™ is now available in iced tea and lemonade mixes along with the original, flexible supplement that’s perfect for adding to many different of foods and beverages. All of them offer a great-tasting, hassle-free way for any woman to cut 2000 calories per week from her diet to lose 30 pounds a year in a totally safe, healthy way. And all the Ideal You™ family of products contain nothing artificial and no stimulants.

Ready to go wherever today’s active woman goes in a convenient red packet, original Ideal You™ is designed to add to her favorite beverages such as hot or iced tea or water, or to sprinkle over cereal and fruit as a natural, tasteful option versus the high-sugar, high-calorie alternatives. It’s a perfect fit for virtually every women’s existing diet and lifestyle, to help with whatever she’s already doing to keep in shape — from watching her diet to regular exercise and beyond. By adding iced tea and lemonade mixes to the family, the makers of Ideal You™ have gone a step further toward providing a healthy and handy choice for women who want to watch their weight without sacrificing great taste.

The Company Behind the Product

Food science pioneer Orafti Active Food Ingredients developed their family of Ideal You™ products to provide nutritional support for a woman’s healthy, strong and balanced life, with a wholesome, natural boost of calcium plus BENEO®, an all-natural dietary fiber from plants which is clinically-proven to enhance calcium absorption (also ideal for building and maintaining strong bones) and to promote peak digestive health, immunity and function, as well as all the benefits of traditional forms of dietary fiber.

Ideal You is the sweet healthy way to stay trim. Look for all the Ideal You™ family of products in most Bashas’ and Low-Carb Mall’s in Phoenix or visit to find out more.


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